Ode to a Poppy!

Poppy was a beautiful, little girl. She was born a runt with multiple defects, but none that kept her from becoming a beloved member of our family. Sadly, she did not live long, but she was able to move countless hearts and minds in her short 7 months. She was endearing to everyone who met her, and she left smiles, tears, and changed perspectives in her path. She taught us that a pig has the capacity to form human-like emotional bonds, and she showed us how smart pigs are with daily reminders that she could learn, process, and remember things similar to how a human child would think. Poppy was more than a rescue, more than a pet, and more than just a friend. Poppy had nowhere else to go when she came to us, and this new branch of Steampunk Farms will be her legacy.

Poppy's Place at Steampunk Farms is dedicated to pigs with nowhere else to call home. Unfortunately, deceitful breeders sell pigs they promise will remain small, and this results in thousands of abandoned and neglected animals as they outgrow their owners' expectations. Many are raised as commodities, abused or neglected. These intelligent, loving creatures are often left in shelters where they live in fear of the canine "predators" surrounding them. Many are euthanized. This project aims to educate and inform the public, while sheltering and loving these wonderful animals. Whether old or young, healthy or injured, abled or disabled, a pig in need will be a pig warmly welcomed at Poppy's Place.

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